Babcock & Wilcox praises L-627

CONGRATULATIONS ON ACCOMPLISHING what appeared to be the impossible on an unbelievable schedule, while still maintaining safety and quality. Our first impression: there was no way to get a big enough lift crane close enough to replace the “B” spray dryer absorbers in the assembly sizes necessary to support the customer’s [Tucson Electric Power Company at the Springerville Generating Station] production schedule. But your guys [Phoenix Local 627 members] did it!

We are very often mistaken in taking things like your accomplishments on this project for granted, because you make it look so easy. But it’s not easy. The successful completion of such a project only comes from careful planning, forethought, and detailed supervision of the work by special and knowledgeable people for the entire duration of the project. Again, congratulations on a job very well done.

DENNIS FEDOCK, engineering manager
Babcock & Wilcox

Allegheny Energy values relationship with L-667

ON BEHALF OF Allegheny Energy, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to you [L-667 BM-ST George Pinkerman] and the members of Local 667 [Charleston, W.Va.] for helping to make our recent Ft. Martin Unit #2 outage a success.

Working as a team, the Boilermakers helped Allegheny Energy and Minnotte Contracting bring the unit back on budget and ahead of schedule. The effort put forth by the Boilermakers, in a safety-conscious manner, was a major factor in this outage being a success.

In times like these when work is plentiful, we sincerely value the relationship that we have established with the Boilermakers over the years. We realize that skilled craftsmen are at a premium, and we appreciate the response from the Boilermakers and their leadership to staff our project at Ft. Martin — one of Allegheny’s most important plants.

Thanks again, and we look forward to our continued good relationship on future projects.

GEORGE J. FARAH, construction exec. dir.
ANTHONY J. CANTANESE, gen. maint. dir.