Canadian construction lodge leaders meet

Attending a Construction Division conference in Quebec City are, l. to r.: front row, IR Cory Channon, CD Dir. Skipper Branscum, IVPs Ed Power and Joe Maloney, L-128 BM-ST Jim Tinney, L-73 BM-ST Jean Yves Poirier; back row, L-271 trustee Michel Trépanier, Darrell Bray, Natl. Apprentice Coord. Grant Jacobs, Natl. Safety Dir. Jason Mclnnis, AIP Stan Petronski, IRs Kent Oliver, Norm Ross, and Andre Fleury, L-555 BM-ST Dallas Rogers, L-359’s Barry Pine, and L-128’s Jack Ahshe.

Members discuss contracts, jurisdiction, safety, and training

CONSTRUCTION LODGE LEADERS from across Canada gathered for a two-day conference in Quebec City, Quebec, Sept. 11-12. Conducted by International Vice Presidents Joe Maloney and Ed Power, the meeting drew representatives of the following local lodges: Local 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia); Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario); Local 271 (Montreal, Quebec); Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia); and Local 555 (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

Featured guest speaker was David Galvin, the new president of the Boilermaker Contractors’ Association (BCA). The BCA, representing about 320 Boilermaker contractors, is the number one employer group for the Boilermakers union in Canada.

Galvin has 25 years experience in labour relations and human resources, including training, negotiating, and servicing industrial and construction agreements. He spoke about the importance of building a good reputation.

“The most important thing is our reputation — how we think about ourselves, how the client thinks about us, the contractors, and the union,” Galvin said. “Status quo is not acceptable. There are others who want to do our work.”

IVP Power discussed the success the Eastern Canada Tripartite has had in getting the union, contractors, and owners/clients working on solutions together.

IVP Maloney reviewed the Boilermakers’ Web site ( He reported on the number of visits to the site and the travel card pool. Created to fulfill manpower requirements of contractors and clients across Canada, the travel card pool also lets members apply for jobs online. Instead of driving to a local lodge dispatch office and waiting there for a job assignment, a member can access the Web site and wait for the call from wherever they are presently located.

Other speakers included National Apprentice Coordinator Grant Jacobs and National Safety Director Jason McInnis. Jacobs presented a national training report and discussed training programs for supervisors, master riggers, and disaster response. McInnis reported on the national health and safety committee.

Attendees at the annual meeting also reviewed outlines for a new basic and level-two steward training program (presented by Intl. Rep Richard MacIntosh), updates to the General President and National Maintenance Agreements, and jurisdictional matters.