Save money and the environment with Union Plus

UNION WORKERS ARE leading the way to a thriving green economy. Now, in addition to saving money by making their homes and vehicles more energy-efficient, union workers can save money immediately through Union Plus rebate programs.

If you own your own single-family home, chances are you spend at least $1,500 a year on energy costs — and possibly a lot more. Conducting a home energy audit and making a few changes to make your home more energy efficient can help you lower those costs considerably. And by charging at least $400 in home improvement purchases to your Union Plus credit card, you may qualify for up to $300 in rebates.

Learn how you can qualify for the Union Plus energy audit rebate at or by phoning 1-800-472-2005 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET, weekdays).

Buying an energy-efficient, union-made car is another way to reduce your carbon footprint while you save money. If you buy your new union-made EPA Green Car through Union Plus Auto Buying Service you can also qualify for a $200 rebate. Phone 1-866-437-2336 to learn how.

Learn about these and other money-saving Union Plus programs by visiting the Union Plus Web site –

Union-made vehicles elegible for Union Plus green vehicle energy rebates

  • Cadillac CTS
  • Chevrolet Camaro, Cobalt, Malibu, Equinox, and Impala (standard and E-85 models)
  • Chrysler Sebring
  • Dodge Avenger and Caliber
  • Ford Focus and Escape/Hybrid
  • GMC Terrain
  • Jeep Compass and Patriot
  • Mazda 6 and Tribute/Hybrid
  • Mercury Mariner/Hybrid
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant
  • Pontiac G6 and Vibe
  • Saturn Aura
  • Toyota Corolla