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Northrop Grumman stewards attend training in Louisiana



Thirty-seven stewards from five unions attend steward training at Local 1814 (Bridge City, La.) Jan. 15-16.

LOCAL LODGE 1814 (Bridge City, La.) hosted steward training on Jan. 15-16 for workers represented by the New Orleans Metal Trades Council at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems.

The council supported the training, with stewards attending from Boilermaker Locals 37 (New Orleans) and 1814, as well as affiliate locals IBEW L-733, Painters L-2330, Pipefitters L-60, and the Asbestos Workers Union.

Thirty-seven stewards participated in the two-day training, discussing political action, safety, grievance handling and preparation, record keeping, and contract language.

Instructors included Boilermaker staff members Asst. Dir.-Industrial Services John Chapman, Asst. Dir.-Shipbuilding & Marine Division Steve Beal, Dir.-Legislative Affairs Abe Breehey, and Safety & Health Specialist Mark Garrett.

Attendees from Locals 37 and 1814 included Errol Ally, C. Bourrage Jr., C.L. Burnett, P. Collins, T. Curtis, A. Jackson, C.D. Jackson, Earnest Jackson, S.D. Jones, W.D. Kirk, A.C. Layton, B. Lightell, I.A. Merricks, R. Moity, W.R. Ray, A. Ross, V. Swift, S.J. Thibodeaux Jr., S.F. Tobias, and L. Washington.

Locals  L-37, L-1814
Reporter  V48N1
Published on the Web: February 15, 2009

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