MOST Programs : “The Proven Boilermaker Advantage”

Construction industry reaps cost savings, performance gains

WHEN THE NATIONAL Tripartite Alliance pioneered a concept to raise standards in the union construction industry more than 20 years ago, few could have envisioned how wildly successful that undertaking would become. By establishing a labor-management trust known as MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training), the alliance created a remarkable engine for innovation.

The MOST OSHA 10/30 Program: Emphasizes a safe work environment and reduces liability issues for owners and contractors.

Today, programs developed under MOST elevate the performance of Boilermaker craftsmen and generate millions of dollars annually in cost savings for contractor and owner communities.

MOST programs give contractors and owners a competitive edge, a “Boilermaker advantage.” That advantage can be readily measured. Welding certification costs have dropped by 95 percent since implementing the Common Arc Program. Lost-time injury costs have been reduced by 90 percent as a result of the MOST OSHA 10/30 Program. And 98 percent of tests under the MOST Substance Abuse Program come back clean.

With such impressive results, it is easy to see why various organizations in the construction industry owe their program concepts to MOST innovation. MOST Administrator Bill Palmisano has called the MOST Substance Abuse Program “the most mimicked and copied drug testing program in the United States.”

MOST programs have received formal recognition, too. The Construction Innovation Forum selected MOST to receive its NOVA award — referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of the construction industry — for “improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of construction.”

Seventeen distinct programs now contribute to the Boilermaker advantage. These programs promote safe work practices; build proficiencies in rigging, steel erection, and scaffolding; certify member skills; create highly-qualified field leaders through leadership and project management training; and promote the readiness and availability of the Boilermaker work force.

The MOST Substance Abuse Program: The industry standard in drug testing and screening.

Labor-management synergy drives MOST

THE MAGIC OF MOST programs derives from the collaborative efforts of the Tripartite Alliance. The Boilermakers union, signatory contractors, and participating owners share in the direction and vision of the organization. An owner advisory committee and a business managers’ advisory committee ensure that all interests are represented.

The MOST board of trustees and the committees that execute MOST programs are composed of equal numbers of labor and management representatives. Although their priorities are sometimes specific to one party or another, their focus remains on identifying and solving problems — and continually raising the bar for value and excellence.

This synergy allows labor and management to achieve a level of cooperation and respect that would otherwise be very difficult to attain.

MOST programs poised for new marketing campaign

TO BUILD GREATER awareness about the value of MOST programs, MOST is launching a new marketing campaign. The MOST Marketing Committee, in conjunction with Martin Public Relations, is developing a branding strategy and new marketing materials.

The MOST Common Arc Program: Establishes welding criteria that allows the Boilermaker welder to maintain certification.

“The campaign will tell the remarkable story of MOST and it’s groundbreaking and innovative programs that year after year have proven their value,” said Brad Bradford, chairman of the MOST Marketing Committee. “These programs have not only saved our owners and contractors millions of dollars annually, but even more importantly, with their emphasis on safety, they have proven to significantly reduce jobsite injuries and save lives,” he said.

One change that will be quickly apparent is the addition of a new tag line — “the Boilermaker Advantage” — to the MOST logo. Promotional items such as hard hat stickers and posters will be available to local lodges in coming months, and a promotional video will be unveiled at the Tripartite Conference in Myrtle Beach in October.

Intl. Pres. Newton B. Jones summed up the purpose of the campaign by stating, “Our message must highlight the positive impact that MOST has had — and will continue to have — on the workplace. Although MOST has been around for over 20 years, there are many opportunities to ensure that this first-of- its-kind labor-management trust continues to serve the Tripartite Alliance as a valuable industry resource.”