Members show troop support

Canadian members are displaying these yellow ribbons on their cars.

Canadian lodges distribute yellow ribbon magnets

IN APRIL, LOCAL lodges in Canada mailed yellow ribbon magnets to members for display on their cars. The ribbons have a Canadian flag and the words, “Boilermakers Support Our Troops.”

International Vice President for Western Canada Joe Maloney said, “The Boilermakers do not support war, but we do support Canadian troops who are in the middle of a battlefield, keeping the peace in other parts of the world, or in search and rescue missions here at home.

“These people are willing to make a sacrifice so we can continue living our lives in the freedom we enjoy. We need to display our respect for their work, and this ribbon is a small token of that respect.”

Ed Power, International Vice President for Eastern Canada, said, “We have members of this union who have served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard for Canada. This ribbon is a way we can display our admiration for their duty. We ask that each member who receives a ribbon place it in view for the general public to show that Boilermakers support the troops.”

Canadian members who did not receive a ribbon should contact their local lodge.