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Local 580 earns recognition from crews of two Canadian naval vessels


Following a six-month deployment, the HMCS Ville de Quebec returns to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for routine maintenance work. Photo credit: MCpl Chris Connolly, Formation Imaging Services, CFB Halifax


The HMCS Iroquois heads for the Fleet Maintenance Facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where L-580 members will repair the starboard boiler controls. Photo credit: MCpl Robin Mugridge, Formation Imaging Services Halifax, Nova Scotia

Members have been repairing ships at FMFCS in Halifax since 1927

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 580 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) earned recognition in the August 2009 issue of The Newsletter, the official publication of the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott (FMFCS), for their repair work on two Canadian naval vessels: the HMCS Ville De Quebec, a Halifax-class frigate in service since 1993, and the HMCS Iroquois, an Iroquois-class destroyer active since 1972.

On July 3, 2009, the HMCS Ville De Quebec sent a “Bravo Zulu” (job well done) message to the Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott (FMFCS) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for members of Local 580. The Boilermakers at FMFCS spent six weeks changing out the ship’s forward 850-kw generators. The HMCS Ville De Quebec credited the job’s success to the “strong management and dedication of the self-directed team. Cooperation and efforts of this nature . . . ensures that technical readiness and operational capability is maintained throughout the Fleet.”

On July 8, 2009, the HMCS Iroquois sent a message to FMFCS acknowledging the efforts of the Local 580 boiler shop for their assistance in overcoming significant challenges: “The FMFCS boiler shop was instrumental in troubleshooting and rectifying significant control faults plaguing the starboard boiler. Their expertise and assistance, provided on very short notice, ensured rapid restoration of Iroquois steam production capability, considerably improving the quality of life for the ship’s company.”

Ed Power, International Vice President for Eastern Canada, says the members of Local 580 deserve this recognition. “When I visit the dockyards, I can see by their strong work ethics the dedication these members have to the Canadians who serve in the military,” he said.

Local 580 President Bob Fish agrees: “All Local 580 members are available 24/7 to provide whatever services are needed for our Canadian navy ships so our military forces can do their job for Canada in a safe way, and they are very proud to do this for their country.”

Local 580 has represented federal government employees who maintain and repair ships for the Canadian navy at FMFCS since it was chartered as a federal yard and shipyard lodge in 1927. It is the oldest, continuous International Brotherhood charter in Atlantic Canada.

Members of Local 580 work in the plate and boiler shop, welding shop, and rigging shop on all Canadian navy ships and submarines. “They also do repair work for naval ships of other countries when in Halifax, and make things for the army and air force as well,” Fish reported.

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Published on the Web: February 3, 2010

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