Local 193 holds steward training

Baltimore Local 193 members attend a steward training class July 7-8.

From 2nd-year apprentices to 35-year members, Boilermakers yearn to learn

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 193 (Baltimore) received two chances to attend a steward training class at their lodge in July. Conducted by Construction Division Services Director Dale “Skipper” Branscum, the class was offered on July 7 and 8 and focused on the duties and responsibilities of a union shop steward. Members learned how to develop their communication skills with both the employer and their fellow employees, how to handle grievances, and how to file reports. The participants also reviewed collective bargaining agreements and the duty of fair representation.

In addition, Branscum provided a historical overview of the Boilermakers union, discussed craft jurisdiction, and explained the process involved in turning boiler water to steam.

Attendees ranged from second-year apprentices to members with 35 years of job experience. “A big hit with the class was the hands-on exercise in which members solved disputes that may arise in the field,” reported L-193 BM-ST Michael Herd. “The class was a huge success, and we look forward to having Skipper back in the future.”