L-69’s White thanks members after crash

L-69’s Corey White sits on his hospital bed in the weeks following his accident.

Boilermakers raise $3,000 within 36 hours of accident

COREY WHITE, A nine-year member of Local 69 (Little Rock, Ark.) is glad to be alive today and thankful to his union brothers and sisters for seeing him through a horrendous accident last year.

On May 30, 2007, Corey, 28, and his brother, Cliff, 35, were riding in Corey’s pickup truck when it was struck head-on by a logging truck near Hot Springs, Ark. The impact broke Corey’s neck and caused other major injuries. Cliff suffered severe injuries as well.

Medical staff expected a very long hospital stay for the two brothers. They were surprised when both were discharged after only three weeks and released from rehab after another two.

Corey attributes his rapid recovery to the support of fellow Boilermakers, some of whom brought photographs of the wreckage to the two pulp and paper mills where Local 69 members were working at the time. Within 36 hours of the crash, Boilermakers raised $3,000 to help Corey and his family. “You have to understand that we’re not a very big local,” Corey said. “I was completely shocked that they would do this for me.”

The outpouring of concern for the two men “is what kept us going, what pulled us through,” Corey recalled.

Corey and Cliff continue what will likely be a long period of recovery. Corey has yet to return to work and is facing the prospect of additional operations to his spinal column.

Local 69 BM-ST Frank Brown said, “Our members really stepped up to the plate for Corey. That’s what Boilermakers do for each other.”

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