Boilermakers receive awards for CAF, LEF support

Money helps pro-worker candidates and builds strong member education

BOILERMAKERS WHO EXCELLED at raising money for CAF and LEF in 2006 received recognition during the annual LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., March 13. International President Newton B. Jones presented crystal “capitol dome” awards to vice presidential sections and individual local lodges for exceptional performance.

CAF stands for Campaign Assistance Fund. It is the only way our union can contribute money to those running for federal office. Because CAF is a political action committee (PAC) fund, donations to it are completely voluntary. CAF money cannot come from a lodge’s treasury or dues; it can only come from donations or fund-raising activities. And only active and retired Boilermakers, and their immediate families, may give.

The LEAP conference recognized the Northeast Section (IVP Sean Murphy) for the highest CAF contribution by a section in 2006 — $140,696. Local 154, Pittsburgh, garnered the award for largest contribution by a local lodge, raising $58,422. Local 744, Cleveland, won for highest contribution per member at $118 ($32,182 total CAF contribution).

Local 105, Chillicothe, Ohio, won the award for most improved lodge, raising their CAF contributions from $14,510 in 2005 to $37,608 in 2006. The Great Lakes Section (IVP Larry McManamon) won the award for most improved section, increasing their CAF contributions from $50,565 in 2005 to $91,355 in 2006. Great Lakes also won for most improved section for LEF contributions.

Retirees contributed a total of $130,108 to CAF in 2006, including $124,559 from the National Pension Trust; $5,082 from the Officers & Employees Pension Plan; and $467 from a letter campaign.

International staff and officers contributed another $41,803.

In all, Boilermakers donated $490,211 to CAF in 2006, with just 59 locals out of 272 participating. Nearly all of the locals forwarding large contributions have included a CAF payroll deduction in their contracts. Payroll deductions are the easiest way to raise money. Most people hardly notice a payroll deduction of $2 a week. Yet donating a couple of dollars a week to CAF can raise more than $100 over a year’s time.

And every dollar is put to good use, supporting pro-worker candidates.

To learn how to begin contributing to CAF and how to include a voluntary CAF payroll check-off clause in a contract, call the government affairs department at 703-560-1493.

Conference recognizes top LEF donors

THE BOILERMAKERS LEGISLATIVE Education Fund (LEF) pays for virtually all Boilermaker political education activities. This fund can make use of dues money, since the purpose of LEF is education. Convention delegates approved a constitutional change in 2006 that requires all U.S. lodges to contribute at least 25 cents per member per month from the lodge’s treasury. Of course, lodges may contribute more than that if they wish, and some lodges were contributing a higher amount before the constitutional change.

The award for the highest LEF contribution for a section in 2006 went to the Southeast (IVP Sam May), which raised $22,435. This marked the fourth straight year that the Southeast has claimed this distinction.

For the third time, Local 40 (Elizabethtown, Ky.) won the award for the highest contribution by a local, with $11,815.

The award for most improved section went to the Great Lakes (IVP Larry McManamon), with $16,481 raised in 2006, compared to $11,153 in 2005.

The NTL (Maumee, Ohio) won the award for most improved LEF contributions by a local, with $4,000 raised in 2006 compared to $0 in 2005.

LEF contributions in 2006 totaled $142,930, with 143 locals out of 272 participating.

Conference delegates raise money, too

DELEGATES TO EACH LEAP conference get an up-close look at politics. One thing they quickly learn is the road to elected office carries a high price tag. Getting good pro-worker candidates in office — and keeping them there — requires all the financial help we can muster. And maintaining a strong Boilermaker presence on Capitol Hill also requires resources. With that understanding, delegates take the opportunity of making on-the-spot donations at each conference. This year, they raised $4,388 for CAF.

Allen Phillips, Local 455 (Sheffield, Ala.), contributed another $200, from the proceeds of his shirt sales.

And some delegates made check presentations from their lodge CAF and LEF fund-raisers in person at the conference.

In all, donations made during the conference totaled $20,879 for CAF and $7,830 for LEF.

Top 10 Local Lodge
CAF and LEF Contributors
Top 10 locals giving to CAF
Local 154 Pittsburgh $58,421
Local 105 Chillicothe, Ohio $37,607
Local 744 Cleveland $32,182
Local 13 Philadelphia $24,500
Local 193 Baltimore $16,914
Local 29 Boston $15,693
Local 5 New York $14,155
Local 108 Birmingham, Ala. $11,880
Local 1 Chicago $10,117
Local 92 Los Angeles $8,656
Top 10 locals donating to LEF
Local 40 Elizabethtown, Ky. $11,815
Local 83 Kansas City, Mo. $10,341
Local 60 Peoria, Ill. $4,326
NTL Maumee, Ohio $4,000
Local 154 Pittsburgh $3,813
Local 13 Philadelphia $2,247
Local 693 Pascagoula, Miss. $1,701
Local 105 Chillicothe, Ohio $1,696
Local 5 New York $1,523
Local 455 Sheffield, Ala. $1,223