L-667 member earns award for political service

L-667’s David Fox receives an award for his service as mayor of Sistersville, W.Va.

West Virginia Governor Manchin honors Sistersville Mayor David Fox

DAVID FOX, a seven-year member of Local 667 (Charleston, W.Va.), has just been re-elected to his second term as mayor of Sistersville, W.Va. He has also been awarded a certificate of recognition from the state of West Virginia for his “outstanding service to both the city of Sistersville and Tyler County.”

“There’s no special criteria [for the award],” said Matt Turner, press secretary for Gov. Manchin. “When someone has done something above and beyond... their call of duty to serve their city, county, and state, it deserves to be recognized. His [Mayor Fox] accomplishments were brought to Gov. Manchin’s attention and he agreed.

Fox organized the Tyler County Mayors Association. Four area mayors meet monthly to brainstorm and discuss problems each town or city may have. The association allows the communities to work together and share equipment. Fox also serves as a member of the Tyler County Development Board and writes a weekly article in the county paper updating readers on what is being accomplished in the city and county.

Even though Fox attends at least three (sometimes as many as 12) meetings a week, he still works as a Boilermaker in power plants in West Virginia and Ohio.