L-555 celebrates Labour Day

FOR THE FIRST TIME, members of Local 555 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) celebrated Labour Day in partnership with the Saskatchewan Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council (SPBCTC).

On Sept. 7, over 600 people gathered at the Legislative Grounds in Regina for fun and festivities, but also to protest Bill 80 — legislation the government of Saskatchewan has introduced that will allow contractors (not workers) to choose the union to represent their employees.

Guest speakers included Dwain Lingenfelter, leader of the New Democratic Party; Barb Byers, Canadian Labour Congress Executive Vice President; and Terry Parker, office business manager for the SPBCTC.

Local 555 provided two large barbeque grills, a jumpy castle for children’s use, and volunteers to supervise these attractions.

“We look forward to making this an annual event to celebrate the contributions the labour movement has brought to working families and the economy of Canada,” said L-555 Bus. Mgr. Dallas Rogers.

Local 555, a shop and construction lodge, was chartered in 1954.