L-29 holds leadership training

Local 29 members (l. to r.) Brian Cahill, Chris Haynes, Kevin Sharland, and Scott Burke participate in a “tubeworks” exercise as part of a Jan. 14-15 field leadership class.

Members attend steward, foreman education programs

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 29 (Boston) attended leadership training programs at their union hall in January. On Jan. 7-8, Donald Caswell (Director of Communication, Education, and Training Services) and Dale “Skipper” Branscum (Director of Construction Division Services) conducted steward training.

On Jan. 14-15, instructors Gerry Klimo (a Pittsburgh Local 154 retiree) and Eric Carlson (a retired company rep from Babcock & Wilcox) conducted a field leadership class for MOST (the Boilermakers’ Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization and Training Fund). This class is designed to enhance the performance of field supervisors, enabling the union and contractors to jointly provide a higher level of service to Boilermaker clients and owners.

Members attending steward training on Jan. 7 included Mark Birolini, Brian Cahill, Peter Chinh, Russell Cox, Stu Dicken, Josh Gandenberger, Eric Haigh, Robert Hobbs, Jack Johndrow Dan Kissane, Jean Marie Lantimo, John Manning, Hansley McNish, Daniel Nguyen, and Lawrence Stiger.

Members attending steward training on Jan. 8 included John Allaire, Joseph Birolini, Carl Carmosino, Rico Carmosino, Brian Colvin, Brandon Fearon, Stephen Fernandes, Kevin Gaudet, Dominic Giannone III, Amanda Green, Brandon Harvey, Kevin Johnson Jr., Kevin Johnson Sr., Bob Murphy, Michael Powers, Ed Renaud, Harvey Smith, Arlyn Swisher, Baird Thomas, Hubert Tooley, Chris Walters, and Brian Walters.

Members attending the field leadership class included John Allaire, Robert Barker, Scott Burke, Brian Cahill, R. Darren Corbett, Al Corey, Russell Cox, Ray Darr, Stu Dicken, Frank Eisenhauer, Michael Hancock, Chris Haynes, Robert Hobbs, Ron Keegan, Paul Laskowski, William Lee Jr., Ben Marshall, Kevin Sharland, Joe Tirone, and Dennis York.

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