L-199 campaigning was ‘greatest in 32 years’

Among the L-199 volunteers who worked tirelessly to help elect pro-worker candidates in 2008 are, l. to r., Shane Ferguson, apprentice; Dale Ferguson, 32-year member; Jerry Rhoden, retired member; David McKendree, trustee; and Erica King, apprentice.

Members use rallies, walks, mail, phones in 2008 elections

“THIS WAS THE greatest participation I have witnessed in my 32 years as a L-199 [Jacksonville, Fla.] member,” said BM-ST Carl Ferguson recently, as he reflected on his local’s effort to support pro-worker candidates in the 2008 elections.

In an election cycle that saw intensive political activism from Boilermaker lodges across the country, L-199 volunteers took a multi-faceted approach to getting out the vote. They attended rallies, went on labor walks, mailed educational materials, and manned phone banks. They even got into the printing business — sort of. The Local 199 union hall is home to a silk screen printing machine owned by the North Florida Building Trades. Boilermakers and members from other unions used the machine to generate over 6,000 political signs. Even Ferguson’s 10-year-old son, Kevin, helped out.

“I’m very proud of all our members who volunteered their time and labor,” said Ferguson.