JGAA honors L-199, L-433 graduate apprentices

Graduate apprentices receive recognition at a JGAA event in Jacksonville, Fla., June 4. L. to r.:L-199 BM-ST Carl Ferguson; L-199 apprentice instructor Eric Olson; L-433 graduate apprentices Mark Gorgis, Shawn P. Collins, and Patricia Green; L-199 graduate apprentices Jonathan Russell and Brian Saslona; L-433 BM-ST Jamie Barnes; SAJAC Director Mike Peterson; and L-199 graduate apprentice Paul Topel (kneeling).

SIX GRADUATE APPRENTICES from two Florida lodges — L-199 in Jacksonville and L-433 in Tampa —– were among nearly 100 building trade workers honored June 4 in Jacksonville for completing their respective apprenticeship programs. Sponsored by the Jacksonville General Apprenticeship Association, the event drew 500 union members and guests.

“This was a much-needed and deserved act of recognition for these craftspeople, who have successfully completed such demanding programs,” said Carl Ferguson, L-199 BM-ST. “The success of these apprentices reflects directly on the tremendous dedication and knowledge of their instructors as well as the Director of the Southeast Area Joint Apprenticeship Committee. “SAJAC Director Mike Peterson has piloted the program from a 1960's-type of curriculum to a 21st century, cutting-edge, education tool for the Boilermakers."

During the ceremonies, the JGAA cited L-199 graduate apprentice Jonathan Russell as the Boilermakers’ “Outstanding Apprentice of the Year.” As a runner-up in the Southeast Area’s recent "Paul Wedge" apprentice contest, Russell will compete in the Boilermakers’ national competition in Buffalo, N.Y., Sep. 25-30.