Help someone you know become a Boilermaker

NOW IS A GREAT time to become a construction Boilermaker apprentice. Economic projections suggest that this year is the beginning of a long boom in construction and maintenance work in electric power plants, refineries, and other industries served by Boilermakers. Interested parties can learn how to apply for the apprentice program by visiting or contacting the recruiter in their area:

Charles Dunham
Western States Recruiter
Cell Phone: 913-217-5893
Fax: 559-781-0878

Christopher Hegeman
Southeast Area Recruiter
Cell Phone: 913-217-5895
Fax: 985-847-9626

C. Anthony Smarra
Northeast Area Recruiter
Office: 412-364-2864
Cell Phone: 913-217-5896

Brian Loftus
Great Lakes Area Recruiter
Office: 440-333-0300
Cell Phone: 913-217-5894

Roman Alaniz, Jr.
Central States Recruiter
Office: 281-341-1421
Cell Phone: 913-217-5897