First class of Local 193 members earn OSHA 30 authorization

Baltimore Local 193 members complete OSHA 30 classes conducted by primary instructor William Herd (in yellow shirt, center front).

TWENTY-NINE MEMBERS of Baltimore Local 193 have earned OSHA 30 authorization by completing four, MOST-administered training classes.

According to Local 193 BM-ST Michael Herd, this is the first class of Local 193 members to earn OSHA 30 authorization. They began a series of training in February, and completed the OSHA 30 requirements in July. Participants ranged from third-year apprentices to 35-year Boilermakers. Classes were held on Saturdays and Sundays so members would not have to miss work. William Herd served as primary instructor.

OSHA 30 covers potential hazards and worker safety measures related to scaffolding, rigging, welding, falls, electricity, stairways, ladders, confined space, and other areas. The OSHA 30 class is made up of four components: the OSHA 10 course, Scaffold Erection and Dismantling, Steel Erection, and the OSHA 30-hour completion course. To meet OSHA 30 requirements, all four of these classes have to be completed within a six-month period and be conducted by the same primary instructor.

Chartered in 1912, Local 193 represents workers in the construction industry.

MOST is an acronym for Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training — a joint trust fund, funded by employer contributions, established in 1989 by the Boilermakers union and the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers to provide safety programs, drug testing, specialty training, and other services for construction members.