Don’t forget to include the ‘information highway’ in your travels

The Boilermakers’ Web site offers valuable information and resources for members and the public.

Web site offers visitors hundreds of pages of valuable resources

FOLLOWING THE 29th Consolidated Convention in 1996, the Communication Department gave the International Brotherhood a presence on the World Wide Web through the creation of a Web site at This award-winning site was completely overhauled in 2006, and has now grown to over 500 pages of information about the Boilermakers union, union benefits, organizing, political action, and current news.

Because it is Internet-based, the Web site can provide information to members faster, more completely, and at lower cost than with other forms of communication. Nearly every day, new information is added and updates are made to keep our members as informed as possible.

The site is the information highway our members travel most to find out the latest in union news. Just log onto to

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