District Lodge D11 holds conference

Cement lodges discuss steward certification, by-laws, and revenue reporting

CEMENT DISTRICT LODGE D11 held its annual conference for training and information sharing July 7-9 in Kimberly, British Columbia, for union leaders representing the district’s 13 affiliated lodges.

Meeting topics included the Canadian Steward Certificate Level 2 Program, conducted by Intl. Rep Richard MacIntosh, and local lodge by-laws and revenue summary reports, presented by instructors from the International’s Department of Industrial Sector Operations — Tracy Buck, Jackie Judy, and Gary Powers. On July 9, Bus. Mgr. Rob Lauzon and ABM Kevin Forsyth discussed general business for the district lodge.

“We meet each year to share information and to form policies that are good for all of our affiliated lodges,” Lauzon reported. “This conference has proven to be a great opportunity to train local lodge leaders so we can improve service to our members.”

Formed in 1984 when the Cement, Lime, Gypsum, and Allied Workers Union merged with the Boilermakers, District Lodge D11 represents about 900 members in the cement, wall board, and quarrying industries. Affiliated lodges include, in Alberta, Locals D331 (Exshaw), D345 (Calgary), and D359 and D513 (both in Edmonton); in British Columbia, Locals D277 (Bamberton), D385 and D400 (both in Vancouver), D479 (Invermere), D486 (New Westminster), and D503 (Kamloops); and in Manitoba, Locals D274 and D505 (both in Winnipeg), and D575 (Moosehorn).

Local lodge leaders attending the July conference included Claude Bibeau, Cyril Jennings, George Lister, and Kevin Mathews (Local D331); Stuart Bilodeau, Larry Blazeiko, and Glen Rosseker (Local D359); Gregg Dunning and Richard Smith (Local D385); Fred Mayer (Local D479); Steve Holt, Bill Hunt, Harpareet Kalirai, Dave McMillan, and Jeffrey Riad (Local D486); Murray Adolph, Francis Alec, Shawn Becker, and Steve Robinson (Local D503); Joe Diberardino, Michael Rezko, and Kevin Sheptycki (Local D513).

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