Canada funds Helmets to Hardhats

Helmets to Hardhats

IVP Maloney cited for leading effort

AFTER MORE THAN three years, a push to bring Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) to Canada has finally paid off, with a June 6 announcement that the Canadian federal government will provide funding for the program. H2H connects military veterans with careers in the construction industry. It was first established in the United States, in 2003, and has been highly acclaimed for its innovation and effectiveness.

International Vice President for Western Canada Joe Maloney, who spearheaded the successful drive for H2H in the United States (while serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Building and Construction Trades, AFL-CIO) also was the lead lobbyist and spokesperson for the effort in Canada. In addition to holding the office of Boilermaker IVP, Maloney is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Canadian Building Trades.

“The bottom line is, for what they do for us, this is the right thing to do.”
Western Canada IVP Joe Maloney

“Helmets to Hardhats being included in this federal budget is the conclusion of a very long process,” said Bob Blakely, Director of the Building Trades in Canada. “We would never have gotten this initiative off the ground without the persistence and drive of IVP Maloney.”

Maloney lobbied both the Canadian military and the federal government to establish H2H. “We are extremely happy that they have seen the value of such a program. H2H will be web-based. A veteran or reservist will be able to register from anywhere in the world and join a construction trade, anywhere in Canada, either through an apprenticeship program or directly to a journeyperson status, depending on their qualifications.

“The bottom line is, for what they do for us, this is the right thing to do,” Maloney added.

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