Boilermakers join One Nation Rally in Washington

Some of the Boilermakers at the rally.

Rally for jobs, justice, and education draws attention to November elections

Members of Boilermaker Locals 45, 57, 154, 193, 199, and 502 – active and retired – attended the One Nation Working Together rally in Washington, D.C, on Oct. 2.

With only one month to go until national elections, AFL-CIO labor unions, civil rights groups, and other pro-worker organizations used the occasion to focus attention on the need to create jobs and get American workers back to work.

“Sisters and brothers, we come together today because America needs jobs. . . . Jobs that give our young people paths of opportunity, not obstacles. Jobs that allow people to retire with dignity,” Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO president told the crowd.

A diverse crowd of marchers lined the Congressional mall, waving banners, listening to speeches, and carrying signs with slogans like “We March for Hope, not Hatred” and “1 Nation working together for Jobs.”

Thousands of others participated in dozens of satellite One Nation rallies and marches around the country.