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AmerenUE honors Local 27


AmerenUE plant manager David Strubberg (c.) presents a plaque in appreciation for a job well done to L-27 BM-ST William J. Noll (l.) and Donald Thurmond, lodge president and business rep. Photo courtesy of the St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune

MEMBERS OF ST. LOUIS Local 27 earned praise at their June meeting from David Strubberg, plant manager at the AmerenUE Rush Island Power Plant. Strubberg thanked the members for their outstanding performance, safety, and productivity during the plant’s annual spring equipment renovation in March.

Strubberg said there were no lost-time accidents or absenteeism during the 23-week project, which was finished days ahead of schedule. Local 27 members logged in over 140,000 man-hours working for contractors Nooter Construction and Scheck Industrial.

“We’re very pleased with how this job turned out,” said L-27 BM-ST William J. Noll. “This is what happens when the crafts, contractors, and owner all work together. Because of that cooperation, we actually finished five days early.”

Rush Island is a 500-acre, coal-fired power plant located on the Mississippi River, 40 miles south of downtown St. Louis. Local 27 has represented members in shops and the construction, manufacturing, and railroad industries since it was chartered in 1889.

Story source: The St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune

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Published on the Web: August 4, 2010

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