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Letters to the Editor

Words of appreciation

BERNIE PIATZ’S NEARLY 40-year membership at Local 647 (Minneapolis) has been quite a journey. He was very well liked in this local and always took the time to explain and teach any apprentice willing to learn. We will miss his experience and knowledge and most of all the joking and poking fun. Congratulations to him on his retirement.

WENDLIN PIATZ (Wendy), and
Minneapolis, Minn.

Family grateful to members for support

THE FAMILY OF Roberto Pearson wishes to thank Local 647 [Minneapolis] members and others throughout Minnesota and North Dakota for their cards, flowers, memorials, and support. We especially thank those who came to Roberto’s memorial service in Danbury, Wis., and appreciate the care shown during this very sad time.

Roberto was an excellent welder and loved being a Boilermaker. He was a proud, third-year apprentice when he died in a job site accident at the Big Stone Power Plant May 26.

He was only 24.

Parents and sister of Roberto Pearson
Danbury, Wis.

Obama thanks Boilermakers

THANK YOU FOR the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. It is an honor to have your support, and I am grateful to you (IP Newton B. Jones) and your members for devoting your time, effort, and hard work to our movement for change.

I am proud to stand with the IBB in our joint efforts to build an America that values the labor of every American and rewards it with a few basic guarantees — wages that can raise a family, health care if we get sick, a retirement that is dignified, working conditions that are safe.

We’re in this together, and I appreciate all you’re doing. Together, we will create the change we seek.

Democratic presidential nominee

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Locals  L-647
Reporter  V47N3
Published on the Web: October 17, 2008

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