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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 47, Number 3
Jul 2008 to Sep 2008


Included articles:

Election 2008 Boilermakers' endorsements, Obama-McCain candidate comparison, Local 614 members build submarine in record time, NASSCO workers ratify agreement, Labor's opponents attack Employee Free Choice Act, L-146's Pinault wins Canadian apprentice contest, 2008 Boilermaker scholarship content winners, and much, much more...

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Global Warming: The problem is clear, the solution isn’t

Four Boilermaker lodges represent members who fabricate wind turbines, a green energy source: Local 19 (Philadelphia), Local 92 (Los Angeles), Local 104 (Seattle), and Local 656 (Chattanooga, Tenn.).

IN LATE 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), comprising thousands of scientists from around the world, published its fourth assessment on climate change, warning the nations of the world that evidence of global warming is “unequivocal” and that the link between human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) and rising worldwide temperatures can be stated with “very high confidence.”

For that many scientists to agree on such a strong statement requires thousands of measurements, studies, and experiments. It should surprise no one that the scientists of the IPCC have edged slowly toward this pronouncement over the past 20 years as the evidence mounted.

Locals  L-19, L-92, L-104, L-656
Reporter  V47N3

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V47N3

McCain presidency would be disaster for working families

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

McCain doesn’t understand workers; Obama does

MANY OBSERVERS have concluded that, if elected, John McCain will continue the failed policies of the past eight years. They are right, but they don’t go far enough. He will actually make many of them far worse. For working families — including Boilermaker families — a McCain presidency would be a disaster.

Reporter  V47N3

Fired welder wanted a union

Illegally fired for his organizing efforts, Brian Opland now works for a union contractor.

SIS Northwest breaks law to keep workers from organizing

BRIAN OPLAND LIKED his job at SIS Northwest, a custom steel fabricator 70 miles north of Seattle. He had friends there, the wages were good, and he enjoyed his work as a welder.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-104
Reporter  V47N3

Labor’s opponents attack Employee Free Choice Act

TV ads distort purpose of legislation

ONE OF THE most important pieces of labor legislation in decades has come under attack by business special interest groups. The Employee Free Choice Act is designed to make it easier for workers to organize. But the special interest groups have put up $160 million to stop it.

Reporter  V47N3

L-S200 members receive Can Do Spirit Awards for organizing

David Woodard, Thersa Myrick, and Terry Burk (l. to r.) accept a Can Do Spirit Award for their organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Efforts to build membership in a right-to-work state are rewarded

AT THE JULY meeting of Local Lodge S200 (Wichita Falls, Texas), three members earned recognition for their in-plant organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Terry Burk, Thersa Myrick, and David Woodard each received a Can Do Spirit Award. The awards, part of the Boilermakers’ in-plant organizing program, were created to recognize the efforts of members who try to get their nonunion co-workers to join the union at facilities where the Boilermakers already have collective bargaining rights with the company.

Locals  L-S200
Reporter  V47N3

L-482 daughter wins Union Plus Scholarship

Alicia Hines, daughter of L-482 member Ernest Hines, is a recipient of a $1,000 Union Plus Scholarship.

Alicia Hines is one of 108 winners representing 40 unions

ALICIA HINES, daughter of Ernest K. Hines, a 10-year member of Local 482 (Wood River, Ill.), has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship from Union Plus.

Alicia has been studying animals and veterinary health since high school, and now plans to pursue a graduate degree in biology. “I want to integrate the disciplines of public health, veterinary medicine, and ecology in a way that will lead to the development of prevention programs for diseases afflicting both animals and humans,” she said.

Tags  Scholarships
Locals  L-482
Reporter  V47N3

Canada improves training for Aboriginals

Renewed funding for program for Native Americans is announced at L-146 hall

TRADE WINDS TO SUCCESS — a training program funded by Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP), announced the renewal of its funding May 23 at the Boilermakers’ Local 146 hall in Edmonton, Alberta. The project will provide Aboriginals with career decision-making, pre-apprenticeship intervention, and personal and academic support to prepare them for careers in the construction trades.

Locals  L-146
Reporter  V47N3

L-85 registers voters

LOCAL 85 (Toledo, Ohio) recently joined other building trades in Lima, Ohio, in an effort to get people registered to vote. The event coincided with the opening of Sen. Barack Obama’s election headquarters in Lima. L-85 BM-ST Fred Keith Jr. said the unions helped sign up 300 voters. In the photo to the right, union members take time during registration efforts to chat with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (left).

Locals  L-85
Reporter  V47N3

Lobbyists influence McCain’s campaign

Agents for big corporations and foreign interests hold key positions

AS VOTERS CONSIDER which presidential candidate will best represent their interests, they may want to examine how lobbyists influence the two campaigns.

From the outset, Sen. Barack Obama has distanced himself from the influence of lobbyists — going so far as to refuse to accept any campaign donations from them. “I couldn’t even buy a bumper sticker from the Obama Web site,” said Bridget Martin, Director of Government Affairs and a registered lobbyist for the Boilermakers.

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V47N3


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