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TVA building nuclear units again

When Boilermakers completed the Browns Ferry Unit 1 in June, it became the nation’s first nuclear unit to come online in the 21st century.

More work for District 57 members — and close to home!

FOR THE FIRST time in the 21st century, a nuclear unit has been brought online — TVA’s Browns Ferry Unit 1. Another unit is scheduled for completion over the next five years — TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2. And District 57 Boilermakers are on the job.

According to Terry Johnson of TVA’s communications department, TVA restarted Browns Ferry Unit 1 and is completing Watts Bar Unit 2 to meet the growing demand for electricity, which continues to increase at a rate of one to two percent per year.

Crane collapse kills L-680’s Damiano

Mike Damiano dies in crane collapse.

Accident occurred at St. Catherines, Ontario, dry dock

MICHELE “MIKE” DAMIANO, 55, died March 13 when the crane he was operating collapsed at the Port Weller Dry Docks in St. Catherines, Ontario, March 13. Born in Italy, Damiano was a 35-year member of Local 680 (St. Catherines) and had worked at the dry docks his entire career. The cause of the collapse is under investigation by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Local D408 members rally to save jobs

International and L-D408 officials meet with Holcim US CEO Patrick Dolberg, at right. L. to r., Bryan Sandefur, L-D408 vice president; Paul Neal, L-D408 president; Abe Breehey, asst. director of government affairs; Jim Pressley, executive director, CLGAW Services Division; and Carey Allen, director of CLGAW Services Division.

Michigan pollution rule threatens Holcim cement plant

Photos by Trumpie Photography (Dave Trumpie)

IN AN ATTEMPT to keep a cement plant operating in Dundee, Mich. — and to protect jobs there — dozens of Boilermakers from Local D408 traveled to Lansing, the state capital, Sept. 5 for a public hearing before the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The DEQ is holding hearings before implementing an air quality rule targeting the plant, which is owned by Holcim (USA) Inc. The rule would take effect May 1, 2008.

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Local 587 shop members put new skills to work

Attending a luncheon celebrating the completion of a one-day stewards training program are, l. to r., IR Clay Herford, retired BM-ST Bueford Herford, BM-ST Sandy Kirkland, and stewards Al Lewis, Jerry Hammett, Larry Burnham, and Robert Holcomb.

FOUR MEMBERS OF LOCAL 587 (Orange, Texas) attended a one-day training seminar on April 15. The class was held for stewards working at the Gulf Coast Machine Shop and covered such topics as duties of a steward, the steward’s legal rights, investigating grievances, choosing arguments, duty of fair representation, and Weingarten Rights (an employee’s right to representation when an interrogation could lead to discipline).

Local 587 BM-ST James (Sandy) Kirkland III presented certifications of completion to the stewards at a luncheon on Sunday, August 12.

Local 151 stewards attend training

Attending a stewards training program for Local 151 are, l. to r.: sitting, Dick Schlindwicin, Jim Owens Jr., and Dave Rahn; standing, Rick Gibbs, Kirt McFadden, Bob Edmonds, Mike Central, Sheila Scribal, and instructor Charles Goodman.

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 151 (Erie, Pa.) attended a one-day steward’s training class June 1. Conducted by Charles Goodman, a leadership committeeman with the Pennsylvania Keystone Industrial Council, the class covered such topics as grievance handling, knowing your labor agreement, and arbitrations.

Attendees analyzed two grievance samples, discussed grounds for a grievance, learned note-taking skills, and discussed contract interpretation.

GLAIC sponsors steward training

Over 20 GLAIC members attend a one-day training program to learn how they can become better stewards.

TWENTY-THREE MEMBERS of lodges affiliated with the Great Lakes Area Industrial Council #1 attended a one-day steward training program April 20 at the Local 374 union hall in Hammond, Ind. Conducted by Intl. Rep Howard Cole, the training covered such topics as the role of a steward, grievance procedures, duty of fair representation, the Boilermaker’s Constitution, and the basic duties of local lodge officers, committee members, and stewards.

International staff hone service skills

International Class, July 15-20

WHILE 40 LOCAL LODGE leaders were participating in the 50th annual Boilermakers Summer Collective Bargaining Institutes on the University of Wisconsin campus, 31 International staff members were at a nearby hotel in Madison, learning about local lodge bylaws and elections, International policies, auditing local lodges, record retention and investment guidelines, safety and legal issues, welding fume research, and how to help local lodges form LEAP committees. They got instruction from other International staff members, School for Workers (SFW) faculty, and attorneys.

Local lodge leaders, staff attend 2007 Summer Training Institutes

L-19 union steward Ronald Ferguson plans to share his education with young workers at the Akers Philadelphia Shipyard.

50th anniversary is bittersweet as state legislature threatens to cut all SFW funding

LOCAL LODGE LEADERS from across the United States and Canada participated in the Boilermakers’ 50th annual Summer Training Institutes in Madison, Wis., July 15-27.

Over the two-week period, the collective bargaining institute offered basic and advanced curriculum designed for local lodge officers, stewards, and members of negotiating, grievance, and safety and health committees. Classes were held at the J.F. Friedrick Center at the University of Wisconsin’s School for Workers (SFW).

Proposed budget cuts threaten future of School for Workers

SINCE 1957, THE Boilermakers have partnered with the University of Wisconsin in sponsoring the Summer Training Institutes. Just a week before our 50th annual program, Steve Nass, a Republican lawmaker in the Wisconsin state assembly, proposed eliminating all government funding for the School for Workers, saying the program has “too narrow of an agenda.”


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    Locals award service pins

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  •  L-D23’s Terris Deans, left, and Daniel Jones repair crane cables at the Cemex plant in Clinchfield, Georgia. Both Deans and Jones are in college through the plant’s college education program.

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  • From l. to r., B&W’s Boilermaker superintendent Don Wallace, supervisor Eric Boggs, rigging engineer Steve Fox, construction manager Marty Crum, and L-744’s Steven Walters, foreman Stephen Ginley, Business Manager Martin Mahon and (kneeling) Gregory Pamer.

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  • L-5, Z-7’s Jacob Weber and partner Zane Martin, L-29, both from the Northeast, work on the buddy weld exercise. The test requires contestants to cut out a section of a bad tube and replace it with a new one.

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