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Hockey league drafts Boilermaker son

Alex “Bear” Theriau, son of L-359’s Jeff Theriau, holds the winning trophy for the Western Canadian Bantam Hockey Championship. At just 15 years of age, he has been drafted to play in the Western Hockey League.

L-359’s Jeff Theriau is proud father of WHL player

AT JUST 15 years of age, Alex “Bear” Theriau is well on his way to playing professional hockey. In fact, he has already been drafted by the Lethbridge Hurricanes to play in the Western Hockey League, a major junior hockey league.

Just last year, he and his dad, Jeff Theriau of Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia), moved from their home in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island to Burnaby, British Columbia, so Bear could play for the Burnaby Winter Club (BWC).

Boilermaker son earns first place in welding competition

Bobby Novak, son of L-1 member Clayton Novak, proudly displays his first-place medal and plaque from the “Skills USA” welding competition.

Bobby Novak learned to weld from father, vocational school

CLAYTON C. NOVAK joined the Boilermakers union in 1974. A member of Local 1, Chicago, he now works as a state boiler inspector. He is also the proud father of a welding champion —18-year-old son, Bobby.

Local 154 raising funds for oxygen chamber

Collecting money for the Susan Jean Fryer Cancer Fund are L-154 members, l. to r., Brett Fryer, Brett Hambleton, Steve Fryer, and Terry Cline.

WHEN LOCAL 154 members learned of an experimental medical treatment that may save the life of a fellow member’s spouse, they went right to work raising the necessary funds to purchase the needed equipment.

Susan Jean Fryer, wife of Local 154 member Stevie Fryer (Pittsburgh), has a rare form of breast cancer. Her doctor recommends treatment with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Since this medical treatment is considered experimental, its costs are not covered by their health care insurance.

Boilermakers on L-92 job save heart attack victim

Boilermakers employed by Nooter at Chevron’s El Segundo, Calif., refinery saved the life of a heart attack victim July 1. Administering CPR were, front row, second and third from left, Richard Six, Local 92 (Los Angeles) and Ed Sullivan, Local 237 (Hartford, Conn.). Bill Schmidt, front row, far left, a Chevron operations supervisor and member of the Steelworkers, also assisted in the life-saving effort.

Crew springs into action at Chevron refinery

RICHARD SIX KNEW something was wrong as soon as the door to the break trailer at Chevron’s El Segundo, Calif., refinery flew open. Local 92 (Los Angeles) Boilermakers on the Nooter outage crew spilled out of the trailer in a mad rush.

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Local 26 holds first retiree luncheon

Local 26 retirees (Savannah, Ga.) attend a luncheon May 5.

AL HAZELWOOD, A retired member of Local 26 (Savannah, Ga.), hosted the first retiree luncheon for Local 26 members at his home on May 5. According to L-26 BM-ST W.S. Bashlor, retired members had shown an interest in getting together to talk about old times, so the local put together a list of retirees and started making preparations.

“All of the retirees had a great time visiting with each other,” Bashlor reported. “They had about 38 retired Boilermakers, plus their wives, and are hoping to make this an annual event.”

Local 454 retiree celebrates 90th birthday

J.P. Gardner, second from left, celebrates his 90th birthday with (l. to r.) his grandson, Allen, and sons, Olen, Malcolm, and Robert. All are Boilermaker members.

Sons and grandson follow in J.P. Gardner’s footsteps as Boilermakers

J.P. GARDNER, a retired member of Local 454, Chattanooga, Tenn., celebrated his 90th birthday on Feb. 14. He is pictured above with his three sons — Olen, Malcolm, and Robert — who are also retired Boilermakers, and his grandson, Allen, who currently works as a Boilermaker. All are members of Local 454, a construction and maintenance lodge affiliated with District Lodge 57.

House considers rail safety bill

Photo by Dani Simmonds

Workers, public are at risk, says Transportation Trades Department

THE STRONGEST RAIL safety bill to be introduced in Congress in more than three decades is working its way through the U.S. House of Representatives. H.R. 2095, the Rail Safety Act, is aimed at reducing accidents, guarding against terrorist acts, and protecting workers from injuries and harassment.

Local 11 completes turnaround at Conoco Phillips Refinery

A new regenerator head at the Conoco Phillips Refinery in Billings, Mont., is lifted into place during a plant-wide shutdown.

Exceptional craftsmanship may lead to more work for union members

MEMBERS OF FOUR Boilermaker lodges have completed a turnaround at the Conoco Phillips Refinery in Billings, Mont., that left company officials rethinking their nonunion stance.

The company was so impressed by the performance of workers from one of the few union contractors on site that they invited the building trades’ members to a dinner.

Shutdown of Martins Creek units stirs memories of L-13 supervisors

WHEN THE PPL Corporation (formerly known as the Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.) announced that it would be shutting down its Martins Creek units 1 and 2 (Easton, Pa.) in September, it got two Boilermaker supervisors thinking about the history of the plant.

Tom Coleman and Lou Tarnalicki started working outages at Martins Creek 25 years ago. They are both members of Local 13, a shop and construction lodge in Philadelphia, and were originally members of shipyard Local 19 (also in Philadelphia), with Coleman joining in 1979 and Tarnalicki in 1980.


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