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Locals award service pins

Local 1 — Chicago

John Skermont , BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

40 YEARS - Edward A. Anderson, Mark J. Gustafson, Ronald R. Kowalski Sr., and
35 YEARS - William Feeney, William Frankenbach, Eugene M. Forkin, III, Raymond Garcia, Michael A. Gonzalez, William Harris Jr., Patrick Nolan, Michael Ryan, Eddie Sanks, Abdul-Aleem Sharif, and Robert Stewart.

Local 7 — Buffalo, N.Y.

Dan DeCarlo , BM-ST of Local 7, Buffalo, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

55 YEARS - Robert C. Jenkins;
45 YEARS - Ernest C. Colantino, Jerry M. Cumpston, Frederick C. DeRus, Frederick S. Grasso, Allen J. Havens, Jack P. LeBarron, John J. Multerer, Peter R . Shareno, Gary P. Siuta, Frank Wojciechowski;
40 YEARS - Joseph Andolino, Alan R. Bennett, Robert L. Brushingham, William M. Cole Sr., Joseph R. Oishei, Raymond T. Phillips;
35 YEARS - Nicholas R. Cilano, Vernon E . Ford, Glenn A. French, D. Michael Mann, Joseph F. Solly, Ronald J. Solly, Thomas D. Vargo;
30 YEARS - Joseph A. Aguilar, J. Patrick Chapman, Phillip J. Chapman, Dennis J. Danieu, Clifford A. Evans, William J. Melski, Albert L. Neighbors Jr., Martin D. Spencer Jr., Douglas C. Suda, James E. Susat, Richard J. Vanni; and
25 YEARS - Robert A. Bernhard.

Local 13 — Newportville, Pa.

JOHN E. CLARK JR., BM-ST of Local 13, Newportsville, Pa., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

70 YEARS - Leonard Loch, Lawrence Wilson;
65 YEARS - Leonard Geraci Sr., Albert Oxtal;
60 YEARS - James Banford Sr., James Benjamin, Robert Finn Sr.;
20 YEARS - Danny Burt; and
15 YEARS - Dave Coby, Tom Kunkel, Clarence McClure, Phil Mortashed, and Mike Rottinghouse.

Local 433 — Tampa, Fla.

JAMES Barnes Jr., BM-ST of Local 433, Tampa, Fla., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

45 YEARS - Johnny S. Hemby;
40 YEARS - Joseph P. Laviolette;
35 YEARS - Ted J. Baysinger;
30 YEARS - Barry Bradford; and
20 YEARS - Johnny S. Hemby II.

Local 647 — Minneapolis

Luke A. Voigt , BM-ST of Local 647, Minneapolis, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

70 YEARS - Arnold I. Lindholm;
55 YEARS - Phillip R. Viskoe;
45 YEARS - William L. Hedegaard, David A. Risland, Carl J. Schneider, John C. Turbitt, Dennis A. Whitmore;
40 YEARS - William S. Baker, Wallace J. Bignell, Gene M. Cernohous, Dennis R. Forsell, Darrell M. Gulseth, Carl D. Hanenberger, David L. Harden, Robert J. Hemmeke, Steven L. Jahnke, Ronald J. Juliot, Gaylen P. Langer, Kelley T. Myers, William F. Raway, Gary D. Seifert, David R. Shoemaker; 35 YEARS - Alphonse N. Bialke, Thomas A. Brand, Howard J. Granholm, Lloyd Huber Jr., Mark R. McPheeters, John R. Rousseau, Jeffrey R . Rymer, Keith D. Sailer, Rick A. Schick;
30 YEARS - Ricky L. Dockter, Peter P. Howard, Clyde A. Knell, Trenton L. Moore, Anton Paul; and
25 YEARS - Michael J. Jagielski, Douglas R . Laborde, Peter S. Mehr, Dale J. Munsterteiger, Jude M. Reilly, Reggy Scheving, Rickey L. Schumacher, Kirby L. Westlund, and Scott A. Tyssedal.

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Locals  L-1, L-7, L-13, L-433, L-647
Reporter  V50N4
Published on the Web: December 29, 2011

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