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Union Plus offers Hardship Help programs

UNITED STATES BOILERMAKERS may be eligible to participate in Union Plus programs that can ease financial stress during times of uncertainty, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. Known as Union Plus Hardship Help, benefits include financial, homeowner and healthcare assistance programs, and many can be accessed by Boilermakers and their families free of charge.

Financial assistance programs include debt management, credit counseling, legal help and bankruptcy counseling (with a fee waiver), as well as assistance for Union Plus credit card and personal loan holders.

Homeowner assistance programs include mortgage assistance for out-of-work members with a Union Plus mortgage, a “Save My Home” hotline and disaster relief grants. Through the “Save My Home” hotline, which is provided through non-profit Money Management International, participants can speak—confidentially and free of charge—to a HUD-certified housing counselor.

Healthcare assistance programs offer a medical bill negotiating service, disability benefits and hospital grants for mortgage and supplemental insurance participants and for Union Plus credit card holders.

For detailed information on Union Plus Hardship Help, visit the Union Plus website, www.unionplus.org.

Union Plus is a benefits program that was created by the AFL-CIO and is available exclusively—and free of charge—to United States union members, retired members and their families. In addition to Hardship Help, Union Plus offers special discounts, educational opportunities, two mortgage financing providers, a credit card and more. To learn more and to sign up for Union Plus benefits, visit www.unionplus.org.