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Workers at EP Minerals join the Boilermakers

EMPLOYEES OF EP Minerals in Fernley, Nevada, voted 22 to 3 to join the Boilermakers. The National Labor Relations Board certified the result shortly after the Aug. 22 vote, and contract negotiations will begin in January.

“Workers at the EP Minerals plant in Fernley wanted and deserved a voice in their workplace, and they’ve found that with the Boilermakers,” said Steve Adair, who is an ISO organizer. “They work hard every day to make EP Minerals a success. Being represented by the Boilermakers will give them input into their benefits, wages and working conditions.”

EP Minerals produces engineered materials developed from industrial minerals including diatomaceous earth (DE), clay (calcium bentonite) and perlite. In particular, the Fernley plant produces CelaPool® Diatomaceous Earth Low Dust Swim Pool Filter Aid, Floor-Dry granular absorbent and Blue Ribbon Cat Litter.

The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and has seven plants across the United States. The EP Minerals Clark, Nevada, plant is also represented by the Boilermakers union (DNCL).

“We’re happy to welcome the new EP Minerals Boilermakers to the Brotherhood,” said Adair. “We look forward to securing a contract that fairly represents their voice at the bargaining table.”