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National Tripartite Alliance marks 25th anniversary of MOST

IP Newton B. Jones introduces The Boilermaker Code program.

IP Jones calls trust “an engine of progress and innovation”

THE NATIONAL TRIPARTITE Alliance conference held in Myrtle Beach, S.C., October 6-8 held special significance for participants as they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Mobilization, Optimization, Safety and Training (MOST) trust. About 350 people attended, including owner and contractor representatives, and construction lodge business managers.

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Tripartite conference tackles tough challenges

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) addresses the conference via a pre-recorded video regarding the impact of EPA regulations.

EPA carbon rules continue to threaten energy industry

PARTNERS IN THE MOST Tripartite Alliance met in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Oct. 7-9 to continue the mission of problem solving and relationship building.

It was the 24th anniversary of the national conference, which brings together the Boilermakers union, signatory contractors, and owners.

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MOST conducts project management training

Project management training, January 12-17, Kansas City, Mo.

Week-long class held in KC

FIFTEEN MEMBERS FROM eight Boilermaker lodges attended the MOST project management class held in Kansas City, Mo., January 12-17.

MOST stands for Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training. Created in 1989 as a joint labor-management trust fund operated by the Boilermakers union and the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE), MOST administers 17 programs to ensure the highest standards of excellence in the Boilermaker craft.

Local 433 wins Charles W. Jones Award

L-433 BM-ST James Barnes, second from right, accepts the C.W. Jones Award on behalf of the lodge. Left to right are MOST Administrator Roger Erickson, NACBE President Eric Heuser, IVP-SE Warren Fairley, Barnes, and IP Newton Jones.

Honor recognizes MOST participation

LOCAL LODGE 433 (Tampa, Fla.) recorded the highest percentage of members participating in seven select MOST programs in 2012, an achievement that won the lodge the third annual Charles W. Jones Award.

Locals  L-433
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MOST holds project management training

Project management training, July 14-19, Kansas City, Mo.

Week-long class held in Kansas City

TWENTY MEMBERS REPRESENTING 12 Boilermaker lodges met in Kansas City, Mo., July 14-19 to attend a project management training class sponsored by MOST, the Boilermakers’ Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training Fund.

The class was established by MOST, the Boilermakers International union, and the National Tripartite Committee to teach Boilermakers how to manage projects in a business-like manner, make decisions that positively impact project goals, and provide an overall benefit to the owner, contractor, and union.

Charles W. Jones Award goes to L-85

 IVP Larry McManamon, left, and IP Newton B. Jones, right, congratulate L-85 BM-ST Fred Keith as he accepts the C.W. Jones Award on behalf of the lodge.

Honor recognizes MOST participation

LOCAL 85 (TOLEDO, Ohio) recorded the highest percentage of members participating in seven specific MOST programs in 2011, a feat which won the lodge the second annual Charles W. Jones Award.

L-85 BM-ST Fred Keith accepted the award on behalf of the lodge during the 27th Annual National Tripartite Alliance conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Oct. 16.

Keith told the conference, “We as Boilermakers touch so many lives on a daily basis. It’s great to be a part of this organization.”

Locals  L-85
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Boilermakers expand project management skills

MOST Project management training, Jan. 15-20, Kansas City, Mo.

Twenty attend MOST training session

MEMBERS FROM A dozen local lodges met in Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 15-20 to expand their skills under the MOST Project Management Training Program. MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training) is a pioneering labor-management trust fund designed to address issues in the construction industry through innovative programs and collaboration.

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Area tripartite conferences confront industry issues

JON MARING, Director of Power Gen Construction for PG&E, participates in a discu

Alliance partners meet in Western States, Southeast

AREA TRIPARTITE GROUPS in the Western States and the Southeast held their 2011 conferences in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho (Aug. 22-25), and in Destin, Fla. (Oct. 24-26), respectively. The meetings gave owners, contractors, and Boilermakers an opportunity to address issues facing the construction industry.

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