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Locals award service pins

The following pins have been presented in recognition of continuous years of service in the Boilermakers union as reported by local lodge leadership.

Local 83 • Kansas City MO

  • 60 YEARS — Melvin L. Hodges
  • 55 YEARS — Howard L. Koen Jr., Willis W. Stratton
  • 50 YEARS — Daniel Eugene Frike, Paul L. Lawrence
  • 45 YEARS — William C. Dill, Donnie Dwyer, Robert E. Irby, David Wayne Miller, Howard A. Mogensen, James M. Platt Jr., Harvey L. Rogers, Freeman L. Saylor Jr., David L. Smiezek
  • 40 YEARS — John W. Wheeler
  • 35 YEARS — Leslie A. Cook, Mark K. Dennis, Emil A. Mazur
  • 30 YEARS — Allen R. Binder, Charlie Brown, Jeffrey B. Fyke, Glen E. Huffman, Mitchell G. Rubash, Michael L. Williams
  • 25 YEARS — Rodney S. Audiss, Antonio Deleon, Danny Dill, Donald Mitchell
  • 20 YEARS — Jose Luis Alvarado, Sergei S. Bratkov Jr., Kristin H. Grimshaw, Michael L. Harlan, Matthew Kaufman, Charles A. Lewis, Paul Lunsford, Harold L. Murphy, Bobby D. Reed, Casey J. Smith, Neal R. Warren
  • 15 YEARS — Danny Beck, Michael Biggs, Dave L. Crouch, Shawn Dennis, Joseph Jason Johnson, Stephan Lanvermeier, Nicolas Lnenicka, Kelly Mitchell, George W. Mullani, Joe W. Navarro, Jonathan Parker, Oliver Marsh Peerman, Eduard Sidlinskiy, Jason Strickland


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

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