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Locals award service pins

Local 1 • Chicago

ERIC S. DAVIS, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of a membership pin to the following:

  • 60 YEARS — Gerard Daniel;
  • 45 YEARS — Edward Boruta;
  • 40 YEARS — Michael Jasien;
  • 30 YEARS — Antonio Gonzalez, Arnold Lisk, Jeff Newton, Christopher Wodka;
  • 25 YEARS — John Bandura, John Benz, Brian Jentsch, James Schremp, Robert Segiet;
  • 20 YEARS — Mark Grammer Jr., Brian Henson, Mark Howard, Heriberto Rodriguez.

Local 549 • Pittsburg, California

TIMOTHY JEFFERIES, BM-ST of Local 549, Pittsburg, California, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 60 YEARS — Robert Fallon;
  • 25 YEARS — Ronald Bryant Jr., Leecester Harris.


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

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