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Steel cutting begins for new vessel at Philly Shipyard

A plasma cutting machine makes the first cut in a steel plate. The pieces will be transported to an assembly line where they will eventually become part of the ship's keel.

Philly Shipyard and TOTE Services began a new era in maritime education with the cutting of steel for the new National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV) at Philly Shipyard. This is the initial major construction milestone for the first purpose-built, state-of-the-art training vessel for America’s state maritime academies. In addition to providing world-class training for America’s future mariners, the NSMV will be available to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions.

In April, The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded a contract for up to five national security multi-mission vessels from TOTE Services. TOTE placed an initial order with Philly Shipyard for the first two vessels, with delivery to take place in 2023.  Members from Local 19 (Philadelphia) work at Philly Shipyard.

Read Philly Shipyard’s full press release here: http://www.phillyshipyard.com/s.cfm/2-38_100/National-Security-Multi-Mission-Vessel-Achieves-First-Construction-Milestone-with-Steel-Cutting-Ceremony

Read about Local 19’s work with Philly Shipyard to secure the U.S. DOT contract: https://boilermakers.org/news/philly-shipyard-wins-us-department-of-tran...

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