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L-693 member hustles his way to helping others

Local 693’s Terrence Nellum, left, receives the Hustle Award from Tee McCovey, public relations director for the Mississippi United Way for Jackson and George Counties.

TERRENCE NELLUM, LOCAL 693 (Pascagoula, Mississippi), personifies the word “hustle,” at least according to the United Way. Nellum, who works at Ingalls Shipbuilding, signed up over 180 new United Way donors, earning himself the non-profit’s first Hustle Award.

Early in 2018, Nellum began speaking with new Ingalls recruits about supporting the United Way in Jackson and George Counties, which funds 19 health and human services organizations in Mississippi. His recruitment efforts exceeded all others; so the local United Way created the award to honor his hard work in the community.