L-359 members raise $2,575 for Christmas hamper

L-359 members present gift cards to Patti Larson, representing the Christmas hamper in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Left to right, J’onn Giese, Rick McIssac, Larson, Adam Saunders, and Jim Wymer.

Boilermakers collect donations at Mica Dam project

WHILE WORKING THE Mica Dam upgrade project last year along the Columbia River, Local 359 (Burnaby, British Columbia) members decided to give something back to the community over the Christmas holidays. They chose the city of Revelstoke, British Columbia, about a two-hour drive from the dam.

J’onn Giese and four other Boilermakers began a collection at the project site. Fellow Boilermakers and several other trades gave generously, and the fundraiser totaled $2,575. Giese and crew used the money to purchase $25 gift cards at a local grocery store and presented the cards to Patti Larson, representing the Revelstoke Christmas hamper. Larsen said it was the single biggest donation the hamper had ever received.

This isn’t the first time L-359 members have assisted a community during a job. In 2011, while working at a pulp mill in Mackenzie, B.C., Giese and other volunteers raised $850 to help senior citizens.

“It’s always nice to give something back to the community where we earn our living,” Giese said. He noted that L-359 is a close-knit lodge that is always ready to help members in need.

“I just like seeing smiles on people’s faces,” he said, “especially when they feel like they have been forgotten.”

Other L-359 members raising money for the hamper included Dave Bishop, Rick McIssac, Adam Saunders, Steve Savoy, and Rick Shields.