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Horton CBI donation backs Canadian training

For many years, Horton CBI has seen the importance and the benefits in supporting training with materials and equipment to the Boilermakers lodges across Canada.

Gord Weel, L-359 training coordinator

Members at the Joe Kiwior & Ivan Shook Training Centre unload donations from Horton CBI.

Horton CBI, the leading tank contractor in British Columbia, recently provided Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia) with a tank and supporting materials for member training. The generous donation is more than just a good deed from Horton CBI—it helps ensure Boilermakers are prepared for the current boom in tank building across British Columbia.

 “Horton CBI and Local 359 realize the importance of training Boilermakers to keep up to the high standards that are required to stay competitive against the non-union sector in a market that keeps growing,” said Greg Blender, longtime Boilermaker and Horton CBI’s field personnel director/labor relations.

The generous donation to L-359’s Joe Kiwior & Ivan Shook Training Centre included a 20-foot diameter by 14-foot-tall tank including two courses, floor plates, keyplates, nuts and bull pins along with ladders, scaffolding and rigging. In addition to the tank’s main parts, the local also received shell and floor plates along with a welding booth sea can in order to test welders for the Trans Mountain Expansion project. Horton CBI also donated welding cable for the welding booths.

“This tank donation will also showcase our skills to future and existing contractors and clients in the energy sector,” said Gord Weel, L-359’s training coordinator. “For many years, Horton CBI has seen the importance and the benefits in supporting training with materials and equipment to the Boilermaker lodges across Canada. The union and the contractors are both working together for a common goal of gaining more union Boilermaker jobs. This is how we keep and improve the market share in the future.”

The whole of British Columbia is experiencing an increase in tank construction, with Horton CBI as the main contractor. New tank construction includes: Spheres near Prince Rupert and storage tanks in North Vancouver and Richmond. Fourteen tanks are beginning construction in Burnaby for the Trans Mountain Expansion. The job will provide good wages and benefits for Boilermakers over 36 months.

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