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Boy Scouts weld T-bars at Local 28

I had no idea of the role the Boilermakers play in our everyday life.

Joe Sites, Boy Scout Troop 230

Boy Scout Troop 230 members earn their welding merit badges at Local 28 with the help of L-28 assistant business manager and president Dave Addison, in back and at left of the sign, and L-28 BM-ST Jim Chew, to the right of the sign.

Local 28 (Newark, New Jersey) got a jump start on finding future talent—and gave back to the community—when they teamed up with Riggs Distler to host Boy Scout troop 230 on Jan. 22. The scouts sought the Boilermakers’ help to earn their welding merit badges, but the scouts left the hall with much more, including some impressive swag.

L-28 BM-ST Jim Chew said the event was an “opportunity to introduce some young people to the Boilermaker world and possibly spark the interest of some future Boilermakers.”

Chew and Dave Addison, assistant business manager and president, enlisted the help of Craig Belfatto, vice president of Riggs Distler, who provided 24 work buckets filled with new welding shields, welding jackets, welding hats, safety glasses, welding gloves, chipping picks and tape measurers.

“When you have a contractor like Riggs Distler, who is so committed to the work we do, the safety of its employees and the community, you can’t go wrong,” Chew said.

After Marie Chew, the business manager’s wife, fed the crew a pancake and sausage breakfast, the scouts watched the Boilermakers’ history film and then learned how the FCAW process works. Following a comprehensive safety orientation, Chew and Addison gave each scout individualized teaching as they welded a 6-inch T-bar using the FCAW process, thus earning their merit badges.

“One of the things that impressed me most about the day was the amount of respect and responsibility that each of these scouts has shown us,” Chew said. “This is a direct impression of what not only their families are instilling in them but also the role that great organizations like the Boy Scouts of America play in helping shape our children for the future.”

As for the scouts, the parents and scoutmasters in attendance, they got an education as well. “I had no idea of the role the Boilermakers play in our everyday life,” said Joe Sites, one of the scoutmasters.