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Locals award service pins

Local 374 — Hammond, Ind.

Timothy J. Thomas, BM-ST of Local 374, Hammond, Ind., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

65 YEARS - Cameron Beeler;
45 YEARS - Kenneth Vincent;
40 YEARS - Vernie Harpenau, Stanley Harpenau, Michael Schoelptlin;
35 YEARS - David S. Klos, Lanny J. Eaton, Lloyd Whitelow, Jr., Michael Kloepping;
30 YEARS - Jerry L. Howard, Raymond L. Brosseau, David L. Reed, William A. Mitchell, Dale W. Feix, Kenneth T. Ernst, Gregory E. Rogier, Thomas N. Begle, Randy R. Webster, James B. Miller, Mark R. Muszynski, Gregory K. Brumfield, Mark D. Snedeker;
25 YEARS - Robert K. Allen, Daniel R. King, Gregory G. Johnson, Frank J. Reich;
20 YEARS - Jerry W. Logsdon;
15 YEARS - Brian P. Cebra, Jody Fesler, Jerry L. Timberlake, Rhonda J. Beverly, Deron N. Overton, and Dallas J. Schrombeck.

Local 433 — Tampa, Fla.

James Barnes JR., BM-ST of Local 433, Tampa, Fla., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

45 YEARS - Gary B. Gay, Marvin L. Parker;
35 YEARS - Joseph C. Lepine.

Local 647 — Minneapolis

Luke A. Voigt, BM-ST of Local 647, Minneapolis, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

50 YEARS - Charles G. Sheldon;
45 YEARS - Curtis M. Carlson, Charles F. Conroy, Jon D. Jennings;
40 YEARS - Duane A. Bunnell, Lamonte C. Hoy, Charles C. Metcalf, Dale J. Peterson, Barry M. Place, Dale W. Post, Ronald J. Saunders, Raymond P. Spurzem, Gary F. Thom, Wallace Truttman, Lynn R. Weium, Richard C. Wolch;
35 YEARS - Harold J. Kirchberg, Donald G. Westman;
30 YEARS - Timothy R. Johnson, Cleaton Saylor, Virgil W. Stahlberg;
25 YEARS - David H. Bredlow;
20 YEARS - Boe J. Gilbert, Robert L. Starstead, Timothy P. Sukut; and
15 YEARS - John D. Bodell.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-374, L-433, L-647
Reporter  V51N3
Published on the Web: October 30, 2012

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