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Local 482 ratifies contract at SCH coal terminal

Local 482 members gather to cast votes on a new contract.

A new bargaining team from Local 482 (Wood River, Illinois) sat across the table from management to represent 45 Boilermakers from SCH Terminal in Calvert City and Four Rivers, Kentucky. In a nearly unanimous vote, members ratified an agreement with the expanding coal company. The agreement includes a 23% salary increase over five years, an extra paid personal day and 20 additional vacation hours.

“I’m proud of them,” IR Ryan Mroz said. “They stuck to what they wanted, they respected the process of negotiation and, at the end of the day, they are happy with the outcome. For the first time they sat in their respected chairs. They did very well.”

Boilermakers at SCH Terminal are in a right-to-work state and have maintained 100% membership. Soon, SCH Terminal will open its new building and the local will add 20 new Boilermakers to their membership.