NAES thanks L-154 for environmental work

NAES POWER CONTRACTORS would like to express our gratitude to you [L-154 BM Ray Ventrone], [L-154 President] John Hughes, and all of the Boilermakers on site that helped NAES PC complete a very successful project at the GenOn Conemaugh Power Plant. Both the ductwork modification and the ESP [electrostatic precipitator] projects were large in size and ran simultaneously, requiring a great deal of man-power, coordination, and leadership. The projects were completed on time and with no poor quality issues.

Our staff included supervisors Chris Darnell and Mike Vojna out of Local 154 and from NAES John Crawford, Kipp Contrael, Matt Lee, John Kunkle, and Kurt Kitzman. They did an outstanding job in supervising the men and providing leadership to accomplish the necessary tasks.

Again, thank you, your staff, and the Local 154 Boilermakers for a job well done.

Director of Operations
NAES Power Contractors

NAES Power Contractors, Inc. is a subsidiary of NAES specializing in construction, maintenance and refurbishment projects that support the energy sector in North America.