Dispatcher appreciates MBDS

Addressed to Kyle Evenson, ED-CSO/AD-AAIP

JUST WANT TO send you a big “Thank You” for all your hard work on getting the MBDS to where it is today. The new system makes my job as dispatcher much easier. Whether I need B&W tube welders or EESI plate welders, the search options and the filter system make it much easier than searching MOST profiles for hours. I also think it is really catching on with our “older” members who refused to use it in the beginning. They are finding out how much money the system is saving them because of not having to drive to each Local’s hall and sign the books to get on the traveler list. Now, with the MBDS, it is as easy as a click of a mouse. I see a bright future for the Boilermakers because of new innovations and ideas like the Most Boilermaker Delivery System.

Boilermakers Local 627 (Phoenix)
Assistant Business Manager

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Published September 17, 2013

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