Buswell thanks leadership

THERE IS SUCH a feeling of pride of membership in this union for what is arguably one of the best occupations a craftsmen can have.

I think of all the firsts our leadership brought to the membership, the MOST programs [are the best]. We were, I think, one of the first unions to realize we had to sell our product to those customers who had the option to choose to use union or nonunion labor. We had to show them that we had, in our union labor, a superior product. Over the years, we have mostly done that.

The leadership of our Brotherhood made it possible for us to enjoy our “golden years” at far above the poverty levels some non-union folks exist on.

For [that] and for a wonderful 35 years of employment, I thank you and those who have gone before for your unending care of the membership.

Local 154 (Pittsburgh) retiree