Hayes Mechanical cites Local 1 effort

[Letter addressed to Local 1 (Chicago) BM-ST John Riel]

Boilermakers working on the day shift (top photo) and night shift pause during a successful project at NRG’s Waukegan Station unit 7 in Lake County, Illinois. The crews completed the conversion of a “hot” electrostatic precipitator system to a “cold” ESP ahead of schedule despite difficult scheduling restraints.

HAYES MECHANICAL WISHES to extend our gratitude over Local 1’s cooperation and efforts in making the Waukegan Station unit 7 ESP Hot to Cold Conversion project a success. [ESPs, or electrostatic precipitators, remove particulates from a boiler’s exhaust stream. Hot or cold refers to the relative temperature of the exhaust gases entering the ESP and thus the overall size and design of the system.]

As you knew back when this project was being scoped and planned, it was going to be a major construction challenge. And the Boilermakers were going to be a critical partner in executing the work within the schedule constraints allowed. I’m pleased to tell you today, the Boilermakers rose to the challenge and executed their work in impressive fashion.

Many people doubted this job could be “pulled off” in the outage duration allowed. Many others couldn’t envision how to even do the job at all. Well, it was done and done well. Through the use of an extensive temporary monorail system (consisting of 60 tons of temporary steel and a “jungle” of air chain hoists), 64 duct segments (300 tons total) were removed and 72 duct segments (400 tons total) were erected without incident. Over 10,000 linear feet of seam welding was executed on the new duct installation with only minor “pick ups” required. The Boilermakers’ work was completed three days ahead of our baseline schedule completion date for releasing the gas path to station operations.

The Boilermakers’ work was completed three days ahead of our baseline schedule completion date.

Our Site Superintendents, Zac Gustafson (Local 1) and Trevor Reichert (Local 13), each praised the cooperation and efforts of the local supervision team. Special thanks to Justin Gustafson [Boilermaker General Foreman, day shift] and Mile Phillips [Boilermaker General Foreman, night shift], who led each of their respective shifts to instilling a true pride in workmanship and commitment. Foremen Jamie Crandall, John Hilgert, Terry Tye, Steve Flores, Stan Finley, Tim Metcalfe, Paul Antzak, Kevin Kaiser and Joe Adams all led by example on the front lines, keeping an inherently dangerous job a model for safe work.

All the members of Local 1 (and a few visiting brothers from Local 744) should be proud of their efforts and accomplishments that made this job successful for owner, contractor and union. This is what it’s all about. And Local 1 gets it!

ROBERT SEGIET, Project Manager
Hayes Mechanical-Site Construction Manager
Chicago, Ill.