Aker Construction praises L-85 members on Fremont Energy job

AKER CONSTRUCTION, INC. would like to express our appreciation to . . . Boilermakers Local 85 (Toledo, Ohio) for their exceptional performance at the Fremont Energy Center [a 544-MW natural gas, combined-cycle, generation plant]. Boilermakers L-85 is truly a local that is raising the standards of the Union Construction Industry.

The Boilermakers of L-85 demonstrated safe work habits and a professional attitude, and they provided a highly-skilled workforce that allowed the Fremont Energy project to complete 68,744 man-hours without a recordable injury. A high degree of craftsmanship was also demonstrated when they performed over 150 ASME pressure-part circumferential butt welds on HRSG Boilers #1 and #2, with a . . . radiography rejection rate [of zero percent].

It was our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the exceptional craftsmen of L-85, and we sincerely appreciate the outstanding work of your members.

Steve Harker, President
Robert Hoover, Vice President
Aker Construction, Inc.