New poll shows Wisconsin’s Walker recall election deadlocked

Image by Wisconsin AFL-CIO

THE WISCONSIN UPRISING's battle to oust Governor Scott Walker is mounting a powerful grassroots effort to mobilize the vote against him June 5th. A new poll from Celinda Lake, a top Democratic pollster, shows the recall election deadlocked 49-49 percent, with independent voters breaking toward Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. Other polls have shown Walker with a lead in the June 5th election. But Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman, Graeme Zelinski says national political pundits and the polls they rely on are wrong.

“We have real-time polls, rolling polls, and as well credible other public polls from outside groups that show us even, that show us within one point, that show Scott Walker underneath that 50 percent mark in the 40s, which is a danger place for any incumbent.”

Large numbers of voters are voting early in Wisconsin through absentee ballots and the turnout is expected to be significantly higher than when Scott Walker was elected in 2010. Zelinski says there are hundreds of thousands of voters who lean Democratic who didn’t vote in 2010 and there’s a potent effort underway to persuade them to come out to defeat Walker June 5th.

“There’s a ton of people who signed a recall petition just this past year and did not vote in 2010. So there’s two groups of people who we’ve identified. We know how to reach ‘em, we know what makes them get to the polls, we know how to talk to them. Where this movement will rise or fall is in our ground game. And we are so confident – we’ve activated more than 35,000 volunteers that took part in collecting more than a million signatures. We’re leveraging that data that we input. And so I think we are going to shock a lot of people.”

Source: WIN - Workers Independent News