Local 69 ramps up political action

L-69 LEAP committee chairman Richard Rowley, left, and L-69 BM-ST Rodney Allison, right, meet with U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor.

Lodge seeks access to more boiler work

WITH ELECTION SEASON well under way, Local 69 (Little Rock, Ark.) has ramped up its political action efforts by presenting contributions to candidates it believes can do the most good for working people and the union.

L-69 LEAP committee chairman Richard Rowley, who recently took over responsibilities from Don Hensley, who retired, said the lodge has made donations to the campaigns of U.S. Senator Mark Pryor, gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross, and candidates for the U.S. House and Arkansas House.

Rowley credited his predecessor with showing him the ropes regarding political involvement and says attending the LEAP conference earlier this year gave him the opportunity to seek help from legislators on Capitol Hill. One area of support that is especially important to Rowley and Local 69 is access to upcoming boiler work around the state.

Rowley had high praise for the Boilermakers Government Affairs Department, which provided guidance as well as donations through the Boilermakers Campaign Assistance Fund.