L-92 members star in political ad for U.S. Senate candidate

Lalo Cervantez, L-92, (with helmet) mikes up for a commercial supporting U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley.

Boilermakers back Berkley in Nevada race

FIVE MEMBERS OF Local 92 (Los Angeles) laid their tools aside recently to star in a political commercial for Shelley Berkley, a U.S. Representative from Nevada’s 1st District, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Lalo Cervantez, Bob Furnish, Gerald Bernard, Megan Solis, and Josh Haines took some unpaid time off from their work at the Ivanpah solar thermal facility in Southeast California to do the shoot in Las Vegas.

After make-up and mike-up, the members addressed the camera to state their support for Shelley Berkley, who is a strong advocate for working families.

“The Berkley campaign loved these guys,” said International Rep Jim Cooksey. “Those of us that live and work in southern Nevada know how important it is to get Shelley Berkley elected. Our current senator, Dean Heller, could care less about working people. His interests are in the people that send our jobs away.”

Local 92 BM-ST Mark Thomas expressed pride that lodge members would give up paid hours to support a political candidate they believe in.

“They represented our local in a positive and professional manner,” he said. Thomas added, “We believe Shelley Berkley can help put people back to work in Nevada, which has been hit especially hard by the recession.”