An Important Announcement from the Boilermakers

Two Visions, One Choice for Middle Class Families

 Your Union recommends President Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Former CEO Bain Capital
Mitt Romney

Keeping Jobs in America. Obama will eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.
[The Washington Post, 5/14/12]

Outsourcing American Jobs. Romney as been called a "pioneer" of outsourcing as CEO of Bain Capital, and supports a tax plan that will encourage companies to ship even more jobs overseas.
[The Washington Post, 6/21/12; Romney Op-Ed, The Wall Street Journal, 2/23/12; Citizens for Tax Justice, 3/23/11]

Standing Up For American Jobs. Obama took a principled stand to reinvest in the American auto industry, saving a million good jobs and millions more that depend on the auto industry.
[Chicago Tribune, 6/4/11; The Wall Street Journal, 11/17/10]

Destroying American Companies. Romney said we should, "Let Detroit go bankrupt." It makes sense, considering he made his fortune destroying American companies and forcing them to close plants, lay off workers and eliminate pensions and health care.
[The New York Times, 6/23/12]

Bringing Back Tax Fairness. Obama believes the richest 2% of Americans should pay their fair share of taxes.
[ABC News, 6/26/12]

Taxing the Middle Class. According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, Romney's plan will actually raise taxes by $2,000 for middle-class households while cutting taxes for the wealthy.
[CBS News, 8/1/12]


“If I become the president of the United States, I will curb the practice we have in this country of giving union bosses an unfair advantage in contracting. One of the first things I will do, actually on day one, is I will end the government favoritism toward unions and contracting on federal contracts, and end project labor agreements, and I will fight to repeal Davis-Bacon. I also of course will make sure that workers have the right to a secret ballot, and I will fight for right-to-work laws.”

MITT ROMNEY, Feb. 23, 2012
address to the Associated Builders and Contractors