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Shuler, Redmond make history elected at AFL-CIO Convention

Liz Shuler and Fred Redmond celebrate their historic, unanimous election as president and secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO. Photo courtesy of the AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO elections marked a new era during the federation’s 29th Convention, held in Philadelphia this past June. Liz Shuler was unanimously elected as president of the AFL-CIO, and Fred Redmond as secretary-treasurer. Shuler is the first woman to serve in the AFL-CIO’s highest leadership position, and Redmond is the first African American elected as the federation’s secretary-treasurer.

Shuler and Redmond were both previously elected to their positions by the AFL-CIO Executive Council in August 2021 after the unexpected death of President Rich Trumka.  Both ran uncontested during the convention and delegates enthusiastically endorsed and confirmed their election.

Additionally, IVP-Southeast Warren Fairley was elected to serve as a vice president on the AFL-CIO Executive Council. The Boilermakers union
has held a vice presidential seat since the election of International President Newton B. Jones to the council in 2016.

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