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New app connects Boilermakers with news, resources

The International has launched the first phase of an app designed to help Boilermakers keep up with the latest union information and connect to helpful resources—all from their smartphone or tablet.

The new Boilermaker app is available for Android and iOS and can be found in Apple or Google Play app stores, free of charge. It can also be accessed by visiting https://ibb.app.link/ibb from a smart phone or tablet, snapping the QR Code in this article or texting “ibb” to 47177. After downloading the app, users will need to input basic information.

The app alerts users of important information and allows events and news to be shared. In addition, a “Member Hub” button connects users to the Boilermakers’ online member resources, putting tools such as Union Plus, scholarships and the MOST Boilermaker Delivery System all in one place and just a click away.

“This initial phase of the app is simple to use and a first step in developing a more robust and useful ‘onestop-shop’ tool that makes it easier for members to access information and find resources they want,” said Amy Wiser, director of communications. “We are continuing to work on a next phase that could include more individualized options and potentially be a place to store credentials, alert users when they need to update certifications, provide access to out-of-work lists and upcoming jobs and more.”

Before pandemic restrictions, a small app task force composed of IT and communication staff convened a focus group made up of general members, business manager/secretary treasurers, dispatchers and others from each of the United States’ International Vice President areas. The goal of the focus group was to understand from Boilermakers features they would find most useful in an app.

“We had ideas of what members might want, but we really needed to hear from Boilermakers themselves to confirm or debunk those ideas and learn about other possibilities,” Wiser said.

While some elements will require custom build-out and are currently being explored with the app developer, Let’sAllDoGood, the developer offered a nearly “ready to go” option to immediately provide some of the features Boilermakers identified in the focus group. Let’sAllDoGood has developed apps and provided basic app platforms for other trade unions and member organizations.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer members something right away, even as we’re continuing to build and make the app better and more useful,” Wiser said. “That’s a benefit of digital technology—we can keep building and improving as we go.”

IBB App QR code

Find the APP fast by snapping this QR Code OR VISIT https://ibb.app.link/ibb